When I Fall In Love

When I Fall in Love – it will be forever

At last we were able to sing without masks with a wonderful song in a wonderful church – St Albans, Westbury Park, Bristol which is very close to where we rehearse in Westbury on Trym Academy.

Here is the link to our video and recording on the day–hW3txLo

Read about two of our newest singers and what they felt about their first Singout with Bristol Fashion.

Anna – Brilliant Baritone

Driving up to St Alban’s church, I started to recognise my surroundings. This part of Bristol was beginning to look very familiar, and it turned out that the venue was actually only a few roads away from one of the flats that I lived in during my time at university. Standing in the church basking in our beautiful sound, I realised it had been about 10 years since I lived here, and about 10 years since I found barbershop through TUBBS (the University of Bristol Barbershop Singers)!

Yet despite being in our hobby for a decade, before this weekend, as far as I can remember, I hadn’t sung out properly since October 2019 – on the convention stage! I took a break from singing and when I was ready to come back, it was during the height of pandemic restrictions. That was when Bristol Fashion welcomed me, and Naomi, into the BF family. We were on Zoom to start with, but the rehearsals still felt as real as virtual ones can – the music and performance team put such thought into using the sessions to help us with improving our singing, and the whole chorus was friendly and welcoming.

After a while we moved to masked singing outdoors, then masked singing indoors. We remained cautious throughout, which was the right thing. To get to that church on Saturday, take the masks off and fill the gorgeous space with our music was nothing short of divine.

By complete coincidence, Naomi and I were placed together in the stack so we got to do our first sing out harmonising with each other. Can’t beat a baritone/tenor duet!

All the chorus members have worked so hard under Craig’s direction and, as a result of that hard work, we are sounding so good! I’m excited for audiences to hear the BF sound.

Naomi – Tremendous Tenor
When you’re told by your MD for weeks, maybe months, that if we can create beautifully tight harmonies in an unforgiving rehearsal room, albeit muffled behind masks, then we’ll be able to ace it at a sing out in a church, well you jolly well start believing him! And those nerves and apprehension of it being a first “sing out” with Bristol Fashion Chorus, just melt

Right from the start, singing with Bristol Fashion Chorus has felt like being embraced in a huge vocal hug! It warms you from the inside, which quite honestly, singing in a Church for 3 hours, midwinter, that warming was very much appreciated.

St Alban’s was a stunning location. At times, the sound we created was so powerful that it rang out all around the church, truly goosebump inducing. Then there were the parts of songs that required an intense softness, which the supportive acoustics of St Albans lifted and helped it float around every corner of the building.

Without doubt, the best part of my first sing out, was seeing the joy on each other’s faces – unmasked and beaming, voices not held back by cloth. Friends who have sung together for years, finally being able to do, once more, what they love. A sense of normality at last? I’m still pinching myself that I’m part of it!

I look forward to more sing outs – a chance to show friends and family what Bristol Fashion are made of. “

See you in March

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