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When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true.

~ Monserrat Caballe

Music Team

The Music and Performance Team assist Craig in the musical leadership of the Chorus.
They choose the repertoire, help teach new songs to the members and monitor standards of performance.

Head of the Music Team is Craig, our Musical Director
Caroline Bamford is Assistant Chorus Director
The four Section Leaders are also members of the Team:
Janis Smith is in charge of the Lead Section As well as being Craig's assistant,
Caroline looks after the Tenors
Elena Patron-Rodriguez is the Deputy Section Leader  
Jill Stephens looks after the Baritones Kate Tivney keeps the basses under control
Corrie Gilbert is the Deputy Section Leader Debbie Penfold is the Deputy Section Leader
Marion Brooks is our Secretary
The Performance Directors
Debbie Trotman Beth Rothwell

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