For me singing is a way of escaping.
It's another world. I'm no longer on earth.
~ Edith Piaf

Helen Rehearsal


Bristol Fashion Chorus welcome new members at any time throughout the year.  We look forward to hearing from you!

When you come along to one of our rehearsals, we will probably ask you to watch and listen to begin with.  Depending on your singing experience, you may be able to join in part of the rehearsal, such as the warm-up  (we start with simple singing exercises to warm up our voices).    At some point during the evening, our Musical Director Craig will give you a voice assessment to see which part would best suit your voice.  Once this has been done, you will be expected to learn our audition song, 'Where Does the Time Go'.    To hear a short excerpt of this song, click here.    Sheet music and teach tracks are available here.    

You can take as much time as you need to learn the song and there is plenty of help and support available from your Section Leader and other members of the Chorus.   Depending on what the Chorus is working on at the time, you may be able to join in with some of the rehearsal for the following weeks.  

When you feel ready, you will be asked to sing the audition song in a 'supported' quartet.   This means that your Section Leader will stand behind you and will sing your part too.   This is done in private - not in front of the whole chorus!   Craig will tell you straight away whether you have passed.   Don't worry if you don't make it the first time - not everyone does - you can have three attempts.  

Once you have passed, we will be delighted to welcome you as a full member of the Chorus!  

If you think barbershop singing is for you, please contact us to send us your details.